High Tech, High Density Study

One of the goals of the Transhuman House is to study how people deal with living in small homes. The type you might see in a high-density high-tech project such as the New Vistas Communities, in part sponsored by Hall Labs.  At the Transhuman House, we are asking guests to fill out a study form about their experience and we hope to collect the data over time to better understand  the dynamics of these kinds of living environments.

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NFC at the Transhuman House

At the Transhuman House and the Library NFC is used to launch digital bits of information.  For example, there is the picture of the Internal in the main room and on the picture, there is an NFC chip that when scanned opens up a web page to the interval on the Long Now.  All throughout the displays are NFC chips and QR codes that launch informational pages about the topic in which they are labeled or applied.

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The Transhuman House Geocache

The Transhuman House has its own GeoCache for several reasons.  One it marks the location of one of the of public drop servers.  Two and more importantly the GeoCache is fun.  Some of the activities we do include tours of the local area and including geocaches.  Having a GeoCache at the transhuman house and other important landmarks provide a way to engage the groups on these walking tours of the area and with the idea of the Transhuman House.

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BioCell Research

The BioCell Research project is focused on whole biosphere system design for plug-able aquaponics modules.  This includes complex system design in a plug-able manner to take compost and solar input and out put food from fish to tomatoes.  If your interested in this project please setup an appointment and visit the Transhuman House. Continue reading “BioCell Research”

The Scientific Instruments Collection

The instrument collection is a collection of non-powered scientific instruments owned by the Foundation and on load to the Transhuman House.  Many of these are ones that were purchased as they relate to books in the Foundation library and includes things like Astrolabes, Abacus, Sextants, Slide Rules and the like.  Many of there are brass and collector items but all are working versions.

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