The Transhuman House Version 3.0

As many of you know about the Transhuman House we had open for 3 years in Provo Utah. For the first year, I curated the location and for most of 1.5 years, Matthew Lehmitz curated the location and another supporter named Bill.   Alas back in November, it was closed due to not hitting financial targets. That being said the story is not over. While most of the collection (i.e. the transhuman library book collection, all the transhumanist displays and such have been distributed among several Foundation members in Washington State, we are planning on a new Transhuman House 3.0 this summer. You can make an appointment to see the collection in person if you are willing to come to Seattle (well not doing during this pandemic) and people have still been donating art and other material for the collection.

With the new Transhuman House 3.0, we are going to build a model habitat with a closed ecosystem, airlock and have the displays inside along with the mini jungle growing inside. One of the cool features from a biological standpoint which is the two sets of aquaponic systems that are connected but 180 degree’s out of phase in terms of the light cycle making the water chemistry very stable even more so than in nature. The hope is that this habitat can be set on a trailer and moved around and be again open to the public along with the library and the rest of the collections.

If you’re interested in helping let us know.

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