H+ Pedia Listing the Transhuman House

(27 June 2017) H+Pedia has listed the Transhuman House on their Transhuman Wikipedia. IF you are not familiar with H+Pedia, you should be; as it is the quintessential resource on everything Transhumanist related. From the hpluspedia.org site:

“H+Pedia is a Humanity+ project to spread accurate, accessible, non-sensational information about transhumanism, radical life extension, and futurism among the general public. H+Pedia is also an opportunity for transhumanist, radical life extensionist, and futurist enthusiasts to work together, thereby strengthening the transhumanist community.
We currently have 2,034 pages of all types, of which 843 are articles, and have 229 files uploaded. 15,378 edits have been made from 7 active users.
H+Pedia welcomes financial donations, to fund prize competitions that will encourage more people to become involved in the project.” ~ https://hpluspedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

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