Transhuman Home Evening

While the Transhuman Home is purely about secular transhumanism, we thought, given our location, it would be fun name our weekly volunteer night after a popular Mormon cultural thing called “Family Home Evening”.  I apologize to any Mormons offended by our Tuesday night Transhuman Home Evening but there it is.

Every Tuesday we are helping others work on various Transhuman Projects including projects like:

  • EFTF Manual (book project)
  • TNC (Transhuman National Committee) on lobby efforts for Transhumanism
  • Adair’s Transhumanist Ecom project
  • BioCell and Sky Tree Aquaponics Projects
  • Foundation Library curation

Let us know and we will add your project to the list.

When: Every Tuesday Night at 6pm – 10pm

Where: Transhuman House, 1280 E 460 S, Provo, Utah.

What to Bring: Food to share, a new project for us to work on.

For questions email us at: 

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