Dystopian Futurist Art At the Transhuman House.

In an effort to showcase high-end Art related to the future, or dystopian futures and related genres, we are showcasing at the Transhuman House art that is along those related lines.  Currently, our Artist we are showcasing is a local Artist named Shane Flox, that works in a mixed oil on canvas medium and uses that as the basis for digital works.  There are two large format oil paintings with multilayered symbolism on display and we included some of the digital art created from those paintings here.

About Shane Flox:

“I build beautiful, modern, performant user experiences. Full cycle research, scope building, strategy, design and build out. Yes, ALL the buzzwords!

With experience ranging all through the modern business cycle, from C-level to street level – from branding to tech – from identity to iPhone.

But seriously,

I just like to build cool things, to work with smart and driven people, and to see my designs in action.”

You can learn more about Shane here: ShaneFlox.com

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