Touring the Libraries Around the House

The reason for the Foundation Library at the ‘House’ in Utah is multi-faceted and given the nature of the importance, the Foundation places on libraries; a visit to the Foundation Facility would not be complete without a tour of the local libraries.  Here are the most important ones you can visit or ‘see’.

Harold B. Lee Library

One of the most extensive libraries in Utah with a huge portion of it underground the Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University is one of the most important libraries nearby.   While generally open to the public there is more limited access unless you ‘donate’ $50’s a year and become a library patron.

J. Willard Marriot Library

One of the more important academic libraries in Utah the J. Willard Marriot Library at the University of Utah is the perfect counterpoint academically to the Harold B. Lee Library.  Anyone is welcome to research material in the library even if you can’t check things out and it is best to have a topic in mind when going to this library.

Salt Lake City Library

One of the old public libraries in the heart of Salt Lake City this library is one of the two top public libraries in the state and considered the library of libraries in Utah.   The building its currently housed in is known for unique futuristic architecture and a rich history being founded in 1898.

Provo City Library at Academy Square

Built out of the original BYU campus buildings this richly historical site is the other important public library in the state and one to see for its resources as well as its architectural beauty.

Granite Mountain Records Vault [wiki]

This ‘library’ is closed to the public and is the storage vault for the LDS Church’s historic genealogical records and is the largest such library or archive in the world. You could hike up around the library or near the entrance.

“The world’s largest collection of genealogical records is housed in a secure vault located in the mountains near Salt Lake City, Utah. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints built the Granite Mountain Records Vault in 1965 to preserve and protect records of importance to the Church, including its vast collection of family history microfilms.” [LDS News]

the address is: 5051 Little Cottonwood Canyon Rd, Sandy, UT 84092

Utah Division of Archives and Records

The State of Utah maintains archives and records for the government operations, from legal documents etc.  According to the state archive department, “The purpose of the State Archives is to assist Utah government agencies in the efficient management of their records, to preserve those records of enduring value, and to provide quality access to public information.”


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  1. IMO: a “transhumanist” library will be on-line and organized like a wiki (see: Wikipedia). Durability is primarily a matter of upkeep, but will also require (relatively minimal) funding. For now, the WordPress substrate looks sufficient, but we might want to consider GitHub instead because it provides serious “Open Source” support and is already organized for that purpose.

    1. that is great. sent a link. Our library is a number of elements but we also want to plan for a dystopian possibility hence the mdisk and other versions of the library. Let us know if we can help.

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