The Transhuman House has a lot of activities in and around it. From GeoCachers in the front yard to off books research projects such as the BIOCell Program, or AGI projects, the TNC activities and more its never a dull moment. If you want to do something at the house or need help with Transhuman Projects or what to book something see click here: /reservations/

Note: that there may be guests staying which are not on the schedule below.

if you have questions please send them to 

Re-occurring events:

  • [EVERY TUESDAY EVEING] Transhuman Home Evenings each Tuesday night at 6 pm we have volunteer night were people get together and work on various projects from Transhuman Political lobby efforts to helping people with their Transhuman Projects and more.  Come check it out for fun.
  • [EVERY WEDNESDAY] – Extreme Futures and Forecasting RPG Scenario Night.  Using a modified simple RPG system do you want to play the role of the FBI, an unstable government, a rogue scientist, Luddite radicals?  come by and help us work on the 2017 Extreme Futures and Forecasting Manual

Up Coming Special Events

  • Saturday, 24 JUN 2017 – Game Night RPG’s.  Please Contact for more information
  • Saturday, 8 JUL 2017 – Game Night RPG’s.  Please Contact for more information