There are a number of ways to help support the Transhuman House including working on a new or existing project, such as the Free Little Library or the GreenTechnologyAtrium.

To get your business listed here, help us to help you by contacting us at: david@artificialgeneralintelligenceinc.com 

Artificial General Intelligence Inc 

Provided the Smart Home Integration with AI systems.  http://www.ArtificialGeneralIntelligenceInc.com


Provides guests with Soylent to try as part of the high-tech high-density housing experiment. Check out their cool products at  Soylent.com.


Thrivious provides Surge Nootropic product for guests, enabling them to check their nootropic stack at Thrivous.com.

Transhuman National Committee

An aspiring 527 lobby focused on Transhuman issues donated displays and materials.  http://www.TranshumanPolitics.com/

The Foundation

Preserving knowledge and safeguarding against civilization’s collapse, for a safe and secure future… The Foundation donates and maintains the Foundation library.