There are a number of ways to help support the Transhuman House including projects we would like to do including things like a free little library, or the Green atrium showcase of green technology. To get your business listed here help us help you and contact us at: david@artificialgeneralintelligenceinc.com 

Artificial General Intelligence Inc 

Provides Smart Home Integration with AI systems.  http://www.ArtificialGeneralIntelligenceInc.com


Provides guests with Soylent to try as part of the high-tech high-density housing experiment. Check out their cool products here: http://www.soylent.com


Providing Surge Nootropic product for guests. Checking their nootropic stack at: Thrivous.com

Transhuman National Committee

An aspiring 527 lobby focused on Transhuman issues donated displays and materials.  http://www.TranshumanPolitics.com/

The Pratoriate Foundation

Preserving knowledge and safeguarding against civilizations collapse and for a safe and secure future… The Foundation donates and maintains the Foundation library.