Transhuman House 2.0 Launch

With the donation of a new 3 bedroom condo in Provo, the Transhuman House has moved to a new location that is bigger and better and as we are setting up, we hope to open the first week of dec.  We also have a new Sponsor ‘Metric.Media’ that has supplied a new 86 inch interactive touch wall panel you can see us installing as well as other interactive screens.

In the new house, we have added touch displays for key projects, more of the library is available but other more technical displays such as a south-east Asian biotopic biosphere is running and a different hydroponics system and solar examples along with more smart home features.

If you’re in the area, check out the transhuman house in Provo and you can even book a stay in one of three rooms including the post-human suite under construction now.

check out our new sponsor at, in particular, their blog at 

360 View Tour – Version TR.01

This initial version of the house is about learning what works, whats new and bringing resources together, building experiences and otherwise move the various transhuman projects forward and the Foundation’s vision for the future.  From local organizations such as the MTA or the New Vistas Communities, there is a lot we want to accomplish here.    The image here is already grossly outdated and new features and modifications are always being added. Continue reading “360 View Tour – Version TR.01”

Books Of The Foundation Library

More than just a resource the Foundation Library has a number of important collections that are accessible at the Transhuman House.  While the real purpose of the library is to preserve knowledge and that key facility is still kept private the public collections are here for educational purposes and to support related research both technical and cultural.    The Key Collections at the Transhuman House are important as they related to Transhumanism and in Educating people on transhumanism and getting people to think about future.

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A Dead Drop file server…

While we can’t take responsibility for it, someone has installed a digital dead drop in the front yard of the Transhuman House.  You might say our apple tree supports USB 2.0  but use at your own risk as you ever know what might be on it.  The Dead Drop peer to peer network is a network of real life dead drop file locations around the world.

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High Tech, High Density Study

One of the goals of the Transhuman House is to study how people deal with living in small homes as you might see in a high-density high-tech project such as the New Vistas Communities in part sponsored by Hall Labs.  At the Transhuman House, we are asking guests to fill out a study form about their experience and we hope to collect the data over time to understand better the dynamics of these kinds of living environments.

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