IoT Smart Blinds Installed

Our most recent upgrade to the Transhuman House is a new set of Smart IoT blinds from MySmartBlinds.  Besides the obvious phone app and IoT tie in to the Transhuman House technology, MySmartBlinds are self-charging with solar strips, work with IoT hubs and Alexa and much more.  Being able to time and manipulate how the windows transfer heat and passive solar energy into and out of the house helps in the AI-driven management of the Transhuman House. 

Learning how a smart home’s technologies work together, and how we might combine transhuman technologies like this, is the way of the future.  Come stay a night and learn more about the amazingly advanced technology at the Transhuman House.

If you’re interested in the IoT blinds we installed, you can learn more here: MySmartBlinds

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