The Transhuman House Version 3.0

As many of you know about the Transhuman House we had open for 3 years in Provo Utah. For the first year, I curated the location and for most of 1.5 years, Matthew Lehmitz curated the location and another supporter named Bill.   Alas back in November, it was closed due to not hitting financial targets. That being said the story is not over. While most of the collection (i.e. the transhuman library book collection, all the transhumanist displays and such have been distributed among several Foundation members in Washington State, we are planning on a new Transhuman House 3.0 this summer. You can make an appointment to see the collection in person if you are willing to come to Seattle (well not doing during this pandemic) and people have still been donating art and other material for the collection.

With the new Transhuman House 3.0, we are going to build a model habitat with a closed ecosystem, airlock and have the displays inside along with the mini jungle growing inside. One of the cool features from a biological standpoint which is the two sets of aquaponic systems that are connected but 180 degree’s out of phase in terms of the light cycle making the water chemistry very stable even more so than in nature. The hope is that this habitat can be set on a trailer and moved around and be again open to the public along with the library and the rest of the collections.

If you’re interested in helping let us know.

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The End of the Transhuman House 2.0

(Provo) The story of the Transhuman House goes back a number of years.  Starting with the Foundation looking at a location in Seattle.  This location was a good quarter acre with about 2500 square foot 4 bedroom house with a two-car garage.  This didn’t initially pan out due to the cost overhead and not getting enough individual renters in the 2-month window the Foundation had to populate the property.

A couple of years later and eventually in Provo Utah another opportunity came up with a smaller home came up as available for the creation of something like the Transhuman House and we had enough residents to make it work.  About 6 months after the opening of the Transhuman House 1.0 we had the opportunity to move from the small 800 square foot 2 bedroom house to a 3 bedroom 1800 square foot condo that was much newer and being able to open the Transhuman House 2.0.  This turned out to be the golden age of the Transhuman House so far with transhumanists being in residents for more than 2 years.  From growing the Foundation library, to experiments like PlantSat 1 and the AGI Lab work the Transhuman House was a great catalyst for numerous projects.

However, the past 6 months have been a struggle financially with the resident transhumanists moving on to appointments at new roles far away and needed to study at other universities not local to the transhuman house and we were not able to find the new residents needed to keep the doors open.  We had set a deadline for profitability and were not able to make the deadline so as of Sunday, December 8th, 2019 we shut the Transhuman House down and loaded the art, the books, the instrument collection and all the other parts of the Transhuman House collection into storage.

It was a bit surreal to travel back and pack things up.  There were four of us and it took a couple of days to get it all into storage and it was a bit sad.  We ended up having to give up the touch wall and some of the other equipment as we didn’t have the ability to move it but the most important art, displays, and books all made it into storage.  I’m in the middle of creating a VR display for the project #IAmTranshuman covering the Transhuman House but sadly, for the time being, the collection is not available to the public anymore and creating the VR environment fills like a memorial in away.

That said, we have not given up and hope to open a new Transhuman House within a year. A version 3.0 but we will see…

Foundation Retreat VC Pitch Deck and Business Plan

An Altruistic Business, an institute, a museum of the future as we design it and a new home for the transhuman house… all of this is the part of the following ‘business’ plan.

One of our most exciting projects is for the Foundation Retreat (different than the Foundations Retreat they had recently at the Transhuman House) which would include a new version of the transhuman house.  We did a VC Style pitch deck to explain the idea to the Foundation membership and to some people working on similar projects but wanted to share this idea with others.  When we have enough funding we plan on creating this or executing on this one way or the other. Continue reading “Foundation Retreat VC Pitch Deck and Business Plan”

On The Technocracy – Touring the Transhuman House, Sustainable Technologies and our Future

In this special edition we are going on a tour of the Foundation’s ‘Transhuman House’,

set in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, let’s fly in and take a look…

One of the great things is that it’s an ongoing project, open to all transhumanists whether trying to get away or wanting a home for a transhumanist project or other help; Continue reading “On The Technocracy – Touring the Transhuman House, Sustainable Technologies and our Future”

Books Of The Foundation Library

More than just a resource, the Foundation Library has a number of important collections that are accessible at the Transhuman House.  While the real purpose of the library is to preserve knowledge and that key facility is still kept private, the public collections are here for educational purposes and to support related research both technical and cultural.    The Key Collections at the Transhuman House are important, as they related to Transhumanism and Educating people on transhumanism and getting people to think about future.

Continue reading “Books Of The Foundation Library”

The Scientific Instruments Collection

The instrument collection is a collection of non-powered scientific instruments owned by the Foundation and on load to the Transhuman House.  Many of these are ones that were purchased as they relate to books in the Foundation library and includes things like Astrolabes, Abacus, Sextants, Slide Rules and the like.  Many of there are brass and collector items but all are working versions.

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Foundation Library

The Foundations Library Project is about building a library of knowledge that is resilient enough to last for centuries. The purpose of such an archive is to help ensure a post human or trans-human civilization based on ours, for us or our children or even our machines. With the Archive, we work towards the long term success of intelligence in the universe. It is the single most important thing we can do to improve the likely hood of achieving a post human intelligence, if not from this civilization then maybe for the next. This is the key to why the Foundation is so committed to the creation of the library and archive.

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