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More than just a resource the Foundation Library has a number of important collections that are accessible at the Transhuman House.  While the real purpose of the library is to preserve knowledge and that key facility is still kept private the public collections are here for educational purposes and to support related research both technical and cultural.    The Key Collections at the Transhuman House are important as they related to Transhumanism and in Educating people on transhumanism and getting people to think about future.

Transhuman Collection

This collection is really focused on the state of Transhumanism.  Its philosophy, technical trends, and other books like that from popular authors such as Dr. Natasha Vita-more to Ray Kurzweil and many more.  A few of the most popular or important books include The Transhumanist Reader or Citizen Cyborg or Radical Revolution.

Transhumanist Fiction

This collection tends to be hard science fiction but is books that mention directly transhumanism or central transhumanist ideas like singularitarianism related and the like.  This includes books like Crux, Cybernetica or Accelerando.  While certain books are a must read for a transhumanist in terms of fiction such as The Transhumanist Wager this can be very subjective.

Dystopian Fiction

With this collection, we have some variety with some books falling into the world of Science Fiction but really has evolved in the past few decades to its own genera of books around Dystopian futures.  As Transhumanists, we should be cognisant of what is to come and what could go wrong as humanity takes technology to new god-like levels.  Selecting the best books in this collection again is hard though with it being very subjective but you see common pop culture sorts of titles like “Hunger Games” but also older titles that are important like “1984“.

Science and Technology

In this collection, we are looking at books from fundamental science like physics to complex technologies.  Books in this collection are textbooks to key books in fields such as the Princeton Companion to Mathematics or Darwin’s seminal book “Origin of Species“.


This collection is a bit one sided with a lot about survivability and sustainability but a lot of material related to the Biocell research project on biotopic system design, aquaponics, water chemistry in living systems and the like.  Some of these get into obscure textbooks on fish health and pathogen analysis and that sort of highly specialized books given the active research program around the BioCell and Sky Tree research.

We hope to see you soon at the library.

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