The Transhuman House Geocache

The Transhuman House has its own GeoCache for several reasons.  One it marks the location of one of the of public drop servers.  Two and more importantly the GeoCache is fun.  Some of the activities we do include tours of the local area and including geocaches.  Having a GeoCache at the transhuman house and other important landmarks provide a way to engage the groups on these walking tours of the area and with the idea of the Transhuman House.

Our GeoCache listing is here on : 

So what exactly is a geocache? (according to google)

ge·o·cache  /’jE – O – kaSH/
1. (in the activity or pastime of geocaching) an item, typically a container holding a number of other items, that has been hidden at a location whose coordinates have been posted on the Internet.
“for the next ten hours we would be battling through mud and flash floods to find over 100 geocaches on foot”
1. participate in the activity or pastime of geocaching.
“a serious leg injury has meant I’ve been unable to geocache for a couple of months”



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